Mr. SHAP Testimonials/Comments From Various Clients
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Mr. SHAP Entertainment and Event Consulting
Mr. SHAP reviews from School Functions

J. L.   San Francisco, CA
I can't say enough about Mr. Shap.  I ran the Harvest Festival at my
kids' elementary school this past Saturday.  Mr. Shap's balloon art was
a huge hit!  He always had a long line of kids waiting eagerly for the
amazing animal balloons and fun balloon hats! He quickly made his
masterpieces and the kids were in awe of their balloons. The kids loved
him!  I would definitely recommend Mr. Shap for any kids party!

Our Rainbow Kids Childcare   San Francisco, CA
I have been inviting Mr. Shap for my yearly Halloween parties for the
last four years. Mr. Shap is the most talented artist I have met so far.
Parents of the children I serve have noted numerous times that that was
the best balloon artist they have ever seen. Kids were ecstatic! I
strongly recommend Mr. Shap to parents and schools.

Thanks for sending me the photo. Hula girl
was so cute; I really enjoyed her, now the
picture will keep her memory.

Mr. SHAP reviews from Corporate – Business - Organizations

Ben  Campbell
Hired him based on good reviews, he certainly lived up to the hype. Had
a 200 person event with people of all ages from newborn babies to
senior citizens and Mr. Shap kept them entertained for 2 full hours (he
would have gone longer if we booked him longer). A true magician and
expert balloon artist. We were thrilled to have him and would definitely
book him again.

TJ  San Francisco
We invited Mr. Shap to help us out with our Corporate Children's
Holiday party and were extremely pleased with the service. He was
incredibly professional and talented. He had the children laughing from
start to end! The kids were beaming from ear to ear which I consider a
true testament to his skill. We will absolutely hire him again, without a

Heidi (corporate meeting planner)    
It was a pleasure having you. The guests loved you! We will definitely
be calling you for future events.   Thank you!

Dan Cerf  - President SF Party
Mr. Shap is a great entertainer. Trust me I know a lot about balloon
twisters, and Mr. Shap is one of the best. I sent him to entertain my
nephew's 5th birthday and the reviews were 100% fantastic.

Amanda (Country Club Activity Director)
Mr. Shap, We thoroughly enjoyed you at our Children's Holiday party
this past Saturday. You did an amazing job. The kids and the adults
were in awe of your work. I think you went above and beyond but my
favorite part about your performance is that you could tell that you love
what you do and that makes it so much more special. I have attached
some pictures and will be referring you to anyone who needs magic or a
balloon artist.

Janus Karcz (Club Activity Director)
Mr. SHAP performed at our Annual Kids Holiday Party, and did magic
shows and balloon figures. He is one of the best balloon twisters I have
seen (and I have seen a lot)! He magic show as also fantastic, the kids
were captivated and entertained. Mr. SHAP also throws some great
jokes in their for adults, keeping the entire audience engaged. The
timeline for our party got thrown off, but it did not phase Mr. SHAP,
he quickly adapted to the situation and did a fantastic job! You will not
be disappointed if you have Mr. SHAP at your next function!

Kelly G  San Francisco, CA
I recently hired Mr. Shap for a performance at the family shelter where I
work and he was awesome! The event was attended by children as
young as 1 years old up to teens and their parents and all parties were
thoroughly engaged. I appreciate so much the way Mr. Shap took his
time creating personalized balloon creations for each child. I have
already passed his name on to my colleagues and will continue to
recommend him to friends and family.

Jody Iorns, Executive Director  Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Mr. Shap attended our fundraising event, Walk like MADD, in June of
2012.  He was the hit of the morning!  His balloon creations were
creative, fun and very entertaining.  He is very professional, personable
and energetic.  I highly recommend him for any festivity you may plan!  

Sharon  San Francisco
Family Day was huge success and I can’t thank you enough for being a
part of our event!!!  As always, your magic show is a hit and your
balloons are the BEST!!!  We would love to have you back next year.  
Please hold the date!  Our photographer got a photo of you working the
crowd at the entrance gate.  

Sassy G.  San Francisco, CA
Mr. Shap the best!  Been having him entertain kids (and adults) at our
company holiday party for 6 years and we still love him. He does magic
acts and balloon animals. He's always on time and does not charge an
outrageous price.  Give him a try!  You won't be disappointed.

Jamica S.  San Francisco
He is the best of the best! I know because I have been working with
children for 16 years and have seen lots of people who are in children's
entertainment... There are a lot good people out there but Mr Shap is
the only one I would highly recommend for balloons... I have hired him a
few times to help with events my company puts on and he not only is
loved by the kids he is also really lovely to work with!
Mr. SHAP reviews from Birthday Parties

J.W.  Burlingame
Mr. Shap is great for birthday parties, red egg parties - any place with kids!  The
adults love his balloon creations too!

I've used his services twice.  He is always on time and very professional.  He
knows what he is doing.  Thanks for entertaining the kiddos Mr. Shap!

Kandice S.  Sausalito, CA
My daughters 3rd birthday was coming up, so I looked up on yelp for birthday
entertainers, I stumbled upon Mr. Shap and knew I just had to him at my daughters
birthday party! He had exceeded my expectations and I'm glad to rate him 5 stars,
he definitely was a party saver since we were late in set up for the party but he
entertained and kept all the 3 yrs olds occupied the whole time he was there! It was
wonderful seeing the kids light up after receiving their requested ballon creation.he
made everything from balloon princesses, car, nemo fish, horse, butterfly, flower,
and crazy balloon hats. I appreciate how kind, respectful, and professional Mr.
Shap was and even though there was a limited time we had him he did not try to
bail out the min his time was up which was very considerate of him. He even made
goodbye balloon swords for kids to hit bubbles with as a farewell gift . I would
definitely recommend him for kid parties of all ages! Thanks Mr. Shap we would
love to hire you again in the future! :)

Tina C.  San Francisco
After seeing Mr. Shap perform at another child's birthday party, we knew we had
to have him at our son's 4th birthday party too. Mr. Shap was funny, engaging, and
held the kids' (and adults) attention the entire time. He made my son feel very
special and he took the time to make sure that each child (and there were many)
received a special balloon creation of their own to take home. The balloon art Mr.
Shap creates are pretty amazing - he made everything from animals/bugs to
mermaids/superheroes to wearable space jet packs. The magic he performs is very
age appropriate, participatory, and funny. Two weeks after his party, my son is
still talking about Mr. Shap.

Irene L  Oakland, CA     
We had originally looked at another entertainer to do our daughter's 5th birthday
party but this person was not available.  I'm glad it didn't work out b/c we would
have never found Mr. Shap!  He was able to entertain a group of 20 kids (3-5 yr.
olds) for an hour (in 90 degree weather) and could have done it even longer if not
for another engagement.

He was able to get the kids' attention early through his balloon creations so they
were all engaged when the magic show came around.  The best part was that the
adults could enjoy the party without have to chase their child around.

If you want someone punctual, reliable and entertaining, you should contact Mr.
Shap - he is worth every penny!  If I could give him more than 5 stars I would.

I would like to say thank you so very much for making Juanito's 5th Birthday such
a success!   I love how you kept the kids entertained.  I know we had a rowdy
bunch, but they all had so much fun.  The bow and arrow balloon was a hit with
the boys.  The next time I have another party celebration, I'll definetly call you
again.  Til then, take care and always make "Super Happenings Always Possible".  
You are an awesome party entertainer

Cindy H. San Francisco
We hired Mr. Shap for our son's 4th birthday party and he was a huge hit! He
managed to hold the kids' attention for an hour - half of his time was spent making
balloons for the kids, and half the time on a magic show. Given that there were
about 22 kids at the party, I was amazed that he was able to keep all the kids
enthralled for that long! Even the adults found his show funny and amazing.

His balloon creations are so creative and way beyond simple swords and dogs, as
you can tell from his Yelp website and his own homepage. Before the party, he
took the time to ask about our party's theme and my son's interests and came to
the party with a very big balloon "car" which my son could "drive" around - very
cool! His magic show was funny and the kids just loved it. He arrived a few
minutes early to set up and took the whole hour. His rates were extremely
reasonable compared to other entertainers that I contacted. Overall I'm very very
happy would definitely recommend Mr. Shap to anyone looking for a party

Cindy J  Encinitas, CA
Mr. Shap captivated his audience at my granddaughter's second birthday with
balloons, good humor and magic.  He made the most incredible balloons and came
with a special "Dora" one in hand for my granddaughter to wear.  He included
adults as well as children in the magic and it was hilarious! On the phone, he asked
a lot of questions so he could cater the party to our needs.  I took a chance after
reading the great reviews on the Internet and it worked out beautifully!    It was a
chilly morning in the park where we had the party and Mr. Shap was all we needed
to make us forget that detail and have some fun.  I would hire him every year!

Shelly M  San Francisco, CA
Mr. Shap is shaptastic!  We hired him to twist balloons at my daughter's 2nd
birthday party.  He was so easy to work with as we emailed back and forth prior
to the event.  On the day of, we had a special banquet and he arrived with a
fabulous Hello Kitty for the birthday girl.  He then proceeded to charm us all!  I am
in the early childhood field and I have never met a children's performer as
great/comfortable with both children and adults.  He knew how to handle each
person and the occasional sticky situation that pops up(a child whose mom was
afraid of balloon animals or a nephew who kept popping his creation).  Thanks,
Mr. Shap!  We love you!

Matt  Burlingame, CA
Over Halloween, we did a little test.  We hired three of the top-rated little kid
performers to perform back-to-back-to-back at our party, which was filled with
3-10 year old kids.  All three performers were great, but when the kids were polled
afterwards, they universally loved Mr Shap best.  

We then had a kid holiday party recently, and had Mr Shap back again.  Now I
could see why the kids loved him so much.  His balloons are great, but more
importantly he creates a dialogue with the kids and a story for each balloon while
he makes them.  The kids (all of them) sat transfixed for over an hour watching
him.  Meanwhile, the adults got to actually hang out amongst themselves and talk
with each other (rather than corral their kids).  Nirvana.

Lizzie V   Daly City, CA
I can totally see why he was voted Family Favorite by BayAreaParent! Mr Shap is
awesome!! The minute he showed up the kids flocked to him. He made a pirate
centerpiece for my sons party that was so cool!! He made awesome balloon
characters from princesses to pirate swords to lightning mcqueen!!! Loved his
magic show, he gets all the kids and adults involved and participating!! Very
awesome, he was such a hit!!!

Jessica C  San Francisco, CA
Mr. SHAP came to my sons 5th birthday party at a SF playground last week and
he was FANTASTIC! He 'made' the party! He came in a magician's outfit with
great energy and the kids gathered around him immediately. He created incredible
balloon art for each child (from Buzz Lightyear to Dinosaurs to Silly Hats to Little
Mermaid's Ariel) he has incredible talent and makes each child feel special. His
magic show at the end was engaging and so much fun for our kids (25 kids who
ranged in age from 2-6 years old) - he was able to keep all of their attention for the
whole show and the children loved it. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. SHAP for any
party - he is professional, creative, reliable and fantastic!

S.M. Berkeley, CA
Mr. Shap is awesome!  This is the second year we have hired him for our son's
birthday parties and he was a huge hit not just with the kids but the adults were
equally entertained by him.  Not only does he create any animal, object, character
or creature, he talks to the kids and keeps them occupied and amused.  

I was also impressed by his manner and patience with a mass of children vying for
their own balloons.  We didn't expect so many kids at the party but he was in top
form and didn't stop twisting those balloons until each child was fulfilled.  

At both parties, he comes prepared with a very special balloon design for the guest
of honor (the birthday boy).  This year, he knew that my son likes pinwheels so he
created a giant birthday cake with pinwheels that actually spin!  The year before,
he came with a guitar for my little guy.  It was very touching.

Mr. Shap is our family favorite for our birthday parties and look forward to seeing
him next year!

W. K. Santa Clara, CA
Definitely one of the best entertainers in the Bay Area.  If you have an event with
children and adults, Mr. Shap is the one to go with.  You cannot go wrong.  Most
entertainers want a lot more for the same or less time.  

From the moment he walked in, he captured all the little ones' attention.  

This was for a 3 year old birthday party and we had kids there from 6 months all
the way up to about 7 years old.  The balloons were a huge hit.  And these aren't
your standard dog and sword balloons!  Light Sabers, Dinosaurs, Bears,
Princesses.  and he's so fast with his hands that the kids (about 15 of them) did not
need to wait long to get a balloon.

Then his magic show.  Entertainment for both kids and even the adults.  The finale
is a must see "Kodak moment".  His jokes kept all the kids and adults entertained.  
I was surpised that the kids were still in their seats by the end of the show.  He
really knew how to capture their attentions.

You will not be sorry you hired Mr. Shap to do your party.  He does it the right
way and really deserves the award he's earned as Top Entertainer!

Thank you Mr. Shap!!!  You really made our party a special one.

Snow Bunny T.  Sunnyvale, CA
Gosh he is the BEST! You have got to hire him for all occasions. We had him for
our combined birthday party for our kids (2 & 5 yrs old), and he WOW all the kids
even....yes even the adults! I can never forget what he did with the balloons when
one girl told him she wanted a pirate. It came out so perfect and so real! Mr Shap is
extremely friendly and funny with all of us too and I love his outift!

Even he is from SF he still come to Sunnyvale with my last minute request (it was
raining and I needed indoor entertainment). If you ask how is his pricing...I would

Next time when we want to hire him with the kids alittle older, we will have him
perform some magic tricks! I am sure it will be FUN too!

So dont think twice...call him and book him soon!

Jill K.  San Francisco, CA
Mr Shap completely exceeded our expectations.  I was thinking the kids would get
a balloon dog or hat...  he does SO much more.  He came with a couple of really
elaborate decorations for my daughters birthday, then continued to make amazing
princesses, dinos, animals, you name it.  Everyone loved him.  And he was very
flexible when we asked him to stay an extra 1/2 hour since everyone kept going
back for more.  We would definitely call him again, super nice guy and very

Diane A. San Francisco, CA
Mr Shap changed my mothers whole attitude for her 90th birthday party for the
better!! He first came over presenting her with a ballon person that looked similar
to herself.He then preceded to make her this incredible crown out of ballons which
she wore most of the day to her party.She told all her friends and family about him
for days after!He has a great personality and disposition which  radiates from him
and onto other people making who ever hires him extremely happy with the results!

Nancy C.  Walnut Creek, CA
I hired Mr. SHAP to entertain making balloons at a birthday luncheon I threw for
my mother's 80th birthday and her friends (all in their 80s!).  Little did I know
what an impact he would make with a group of "senior" women.  He was
absolutely hilarious!  He made everyone a crazy balloon hat and then had us all
laughing with his magic.  My mother's friends called her afterward and told her it
was the BEST party they had ever been to.  The memories (and photos) still have
me smiling and cracking up.  I highly recommend Mr. SHAP as a party entertainer!

Everyone had a great time. My daughters started doing some play acting after the
party and they wanted to be you. We may be talking to you about doing my older
daughter's party in early July. She said she wants Mr. Shap! I'll contact you once
we figure things out. Thanks again!

We thoroughly enjoyed your magic and balloon creations!  I understand some of
the kids tried to duplicate your magic tricks at home.  Too funny...  Thanks for
making our event fun and we will keep you in mind for future events.

I just wanted to tell you that you made both my mother and my grandmother so
happy today! They both called me after the birthday party and could not stop
talking about the balloon hats and the hilarious trick! My grandmother was so
excited; all of her friends called her after and told her that it was the best birthday
party they had ever attended. You were apparently a HUGE hit! Thank you so
much!   Just wanted to let you know how happy you made my family!